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Code Enforcement Officer
Alec Brindle

If you need a permit application or have a complaint, please call 814-542-4051 or visit the office at 9 W Market St.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q...What are borough residents allowed to burn?


A.... The only burning permitted within borough limits has to be contained in a recreational fire ring and only appropriate firewood is permitted to burn.



Q...How long do I have to clear my sidewalks after a weather event such as snow or ice? 


A.... Twenty four hours after storm end is allowed. Anything AFTER twenty four hours is considered a violation and fines can be incurred. 



 Q.....Is organic waste disposal allowed on borough streets? 


A.... No, organic waste including but not limited to grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs may be deposited on any right of way in borough limits. Deposited waste on streets are considered a violation and fines may be incurred. 

The borough dump allows for organic waste disposal during weekdays. Hours for the dump can be found out by calling the office at 814-542-4051. 



 Q.....What do I need a building permit for? And how do I get one? 


A..... Any work on the exterior of your home requires a building permit. Repairing and replacing also requires a building permit.


Any Electrical,Plumbing HVAC, or General Construction inside a property requires a permit to be filed through the Bureau of Veritas in Huntingdon Pennsylvania.


Borough building permits can either be filled out on the website here or can be filed in person at the Borough office 9 West Market Street Mount Union Pennsylvania. 


Upon approval and writing from the Zoning & Code Officer the appropriate fees totaled for the borough building permit will be calculated by the officer and fees will have to be remitted in the office during business hours. 



Q.....What does the borough classify an abandoned vehicle? 


A....Any vehicle within borough limits without either expired registration or inspection. Vehicle insurance makes no differance in violation.

Vehicles exempt include any vehicle in a garage or carport. Antique vehicles are exempt also, as long as they are registered as an antique not a classic. Special designation liscense plates are encouraged to be mounted to the vehicle but not required, to deter unnecessary complaints, and/or a visit from the code enforcement officer. 


Any vehicle abandoned on any street that may match the criteria stated above needs to be reported to the Mount Union Police Department. 

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